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SOLVED Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023
What are Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023
Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 are the questions you should expect in your Government paper in 2023 UTME, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for Government in the forthcoming 2023 JAMB examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the JAMB CBT hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 Revealed!
On this page, we shall reveal Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 for all candidates taking the Government paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your JAMB and gain admission at last.

In the following sections, you will read the Government questions you are to expect in your 2023 JAMB exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

JAMB is a very serious examination. You will answer 40 questions in JAMB Government 2023 within 26 minutes. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

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Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 1 – 10]
1. In the British parliamentary system of government, the monarch can be referred to as the
A. Queen in parliament
B. Queen and parliament
C. Queen’s parliament
D. Queen’s assembly

2. In Nigeria representation of state in upper house is based on
A. population      B. ethnicity
C. equity              D. equality

3. Conditions for forming a federation do not include one of these
A. small population
B. diverse ethnic group
C. geographical nearness
D. fear of domination

4. A written constitution must contain a
A. dialogue        B. discourse
C. preamble        D. summary

5. Voting of election in Nigeria is limited to ages
A. 21 and above      B. 20 and above
C. 19 and above      D. 18 and above

6. Public opinion can function better under
A. democratic government
B. dictatorial regime
C. despotic regime
D. military regime

7. In pre-colonial Nigeria, the northern emir did not use one of these as his head official
A. the Talakawa      B. the Waziri
C. the Galadima      D. the Madawaki

8. The main motive of the imperialist penetration was to
A. educate        B. christianize
C. trade            D. socialize

9. The 1963 constitution in Nigeria is known as the
A. presidential constitution
B. independence constitution
C. republican constitution
D. federal constitution

10. The national security commission is chairmanned by the
A. Chief Justice of the Federation
B. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
C. Inspector-General of Police
D. President of the Senate

Answers to Government Question Number 1 – 10
1.A    2.D    3.A    4.C    5.D
6.A    7.A    8.C    9.C    10.B

Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 11 – 20]
11. Franchise means the
A. right of all French citizens to vote
B. right of all adults to vote
C. right of all aliens to vote
D. right of all property owners to vote

12. Citizenship can be acquired by
A. nationalism      B. indigenization
C. naturalization    D. communalism

13. In unitary system of government power is derived from
A. a rigid constitution
B. the judiciary
C. executive head of state
D. one source of authority

14. The powers allocated to the federal government in a federation are primarily contained in the
A. central legislative list
B. exclusive legislative list
C. residual legislative list
D. concurrent legislative list

15. A constitution is said to be rigid if it
A. can only be interpreted by the military
B. is written by different authors
C. cannot be amended by the executive
D. has cumbersome provisions for it amendment

16. Which of the following political parties in Nigeria formed the opposition in the House of Representatives during the First Republic?
A. NCNC and AG
C. NPC and AG
D. AG and UMBC

17. Red-tapism in the civil service refers to
A. the use of red tapes on documents
B. slowness of action
C. the cooperation between civil servants and politicians
D. politicization of civil service

18. One of the functions of political parties is to
A. make laws
B. declare a state of emergency
C. interpret the constitution
D. aggregate interest

19. Immediately after the Nigeria civil war, Gowon’s regime embarked on
A. rejuvenation, rehabilitation and reconstruction
B. reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction
C. rebuilding, rejoicing and regimentation
D. rehabilitation, repression and renaissance

20. The Nigerian council was created by
A. Frederick Lugard      B. Arthur Richards
C. Hugh Clifford          D. Benard Bourdillon

Answers to Government Question Number 11 – 20
11.B    12.C    13.D    14.B    15.D
16.D    17.B    18.D    19.B    20.A

Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 21 – 30]
21. An electoral college system of voting is a form of
A. direct election
B. indirect election
C. secret ballot system of voting
D. referendum

22. In a democracy, sovereignty resides in the
A. prime minister
B. president
C. electorate
D. political parties

23. The main objective of a single-party system is that it encourages
A. bloated bureaucracy
B. dictatorship
C. popular sovereignty
D. representative government

24. Which of the following is a source of a country’s constitution?
A. Mandamus
B. Judicial injunction
C. Political decisions
D. Executive order

25. Local government is described as grassroots government because
A. it is the nearest to the people
B. its headquarter is located in the villages
C. all the leaders are from the village
D. all the local people participate in it

26. The 1954 Lyttleton Constitution of Nigeria created the office of
A. Regional
B. Prime minister
C. Speaker of the house
D. Governor

27. Manifesto refers to the
A. national development plan of a country
B. budget speech of a regime
C. national objectives of a state
D. programme of a political party

28. One of the methods used to oust an erring Oba in the Yoruba tradition is
A. impeachment
B. forcing him to commit suicide
C. vote of no confidence
D. forcing him to go into exile

29. The French policy of assimilation in the West was essentially a form of
A. indirect rule          B. democratic rule
C. monarchial rule      D. direct rule

30. The Nigerian civil war was fought because
A. Biafra was ripe for independence
B. the Eastern Region was marginalized in Nigeria
C. the Hausa-Fulani wanted to dominate Nigeria
D. the Igbos were massacred in the North between September and October, 1966

Answers to Government Question Number 21 – 30
21.B    22.C    23.B    24.B    25.A
26.C    27.D  28.A    29.D    30.D

Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 31 – 40]
31. The disadvantage of one-party system is that it
A. makes accountability difficult
B. negates freedom of association
C. emphasize political differences
D. delays decision making

32. Citizenship refers to the
A. indigenous member of a state
B. social status of a person in a state
C. highest position in a state
D. legal status of a member of a state

33. The main function of public opinion is to
A. change the policy of government
B. provide direction for public policy
C. support the policy of government
D. indoctrinate the people

34. A typical form of delegated legislation is
A. act of parliament      B. decree
C. bye-law                    D. gazette

35. One of the major sources of constitution is
A. judicial precedence
B. political debate
C. opinion poll
D. executive order

36. Coalition government arises when
A. One of the parties has a majority in the parliament
B. No party has a majority in parliament
C. Two or more party cooperate to pass a bill in parliament
D. The ruling party is defeated in parliament

37. The main attribute of a state are
A. population, territory, government and sovereignty
B. the press, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary
C. federal, state and local governments
D. government, the policy and the armed forces

38. Nigeria observed the principle of collective responsibility between
A. 1993 and 1999
B. 1985 and 1993
C. 1979 and 1983
D. 1960 and 1966

39. Under the presidential system of government, the legislature and the executive are
A. elected separately to a fixed term
B. elected separately to an unfixed term
C. appointed by the judiciary to a fixed term
D. appointed at the same time to an unfixed term

40. Federalism was introduced in Nigeria under the
A. Richards Constitution
B. Lyttleton Constitution
C. Macpherson Constitution
D. Independence Constitution

Answers to Government Question Number 31 – 40
31.B    32.D    33.A    34.C    35.A
36.B    37.A    38.D    39.A    40.B
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