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Learn How To Minimize Data Usage When Streaming YouTube Videos
YouTube is the world's biggest stage for sharing videos of all kind according to Eduforum. The video database on YouTube is huge to the point that you will be confounded of what to watch once you have data (MB) on your telephone or PC.

New recordings are been added each minutes

Notwithstanding, one noteworthy thing that dependably frighten individuals off from streaming recordings on YouTube is the way the site or the application su.cks data. It devours a great deal of data under couple of minutes of streaming a video. Considering the high cost of data subscription, no individual might want to fumes his or her data on YouTube regardless of how intriguing the video is.


This is a typical inquiry among clients of this video streaming database. They continue asking why an excess of data is been spend viewing a video on YouTube than viewing the same video on Mobdro. All things considered, the fact of the matter is not fantastical in light of the fact that the significant reason for the high data utilization on YouTube is that at default, all videos are set to stream on HD (High Definition) position meaning you will get a clearer perspective and decent stable quality yet you pay back with your data.


  • First of all, launch the YouTube application

  • Goto the app settings > general on the YouTube application.

  • While you are at the general settings, toggle on “Limit mobile data usage”.

  • By doing all these, it will save you from 40% of data and a standard medium video will now be activated. Though sounds and effects won't be affected.

  • Note that HD view will be re-activated when you are connected via Wi-Fi.

Am sure with this, i have saved you guys from quick data zap when streaming YouTube.

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