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Kanaga Jnr : I am still destined for greatness
Kalo Kanaga Emmanuel Eme, popularly referred called Kanaga Jnr, is a budding actor and model. He was the first runner-up of the just concluded first season on the reality TV show, Big Brother Titans’ Ziyakhala Wahala. The 23 year-old native of Abia State has featured in movies, including Choose Life, High, and Jenifa’s Diary. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, he shares he experiences in the BBTitan house.

One thing said about you is that you were very strategic in the house. What was your game plan going into the competition?
Going into the competition, one thing that I said to myself which I still stick to is that I must be original to my story, staying to my truth and expressing myself unapologetically. I think that was my strategy.

Did you imagine you would make it to the final?
I did not. I told my people to just give me two weeks; I will do the job in two weeks. I saw myself on the eleventh week and I was so blown away by the love and the support from people who I actually do not know until this moment. I still don’t know them but I’m so grateful. I told myself two weeks was enough for me to tell my story, express myself and sell my market.

You made it to the finals; you were so close to getting that money. How did you feel when your name wasn’t announced as the winner?
Honestly, I told myself one thing before the grand finale, that whether or not I go back home with the money, I’m still destined for greatness and I would do a lot. So, I stayed with that positive mindset and didn’t allow that to get to me and I’m so grateful Khosi won. I know Khosi’s story so well and I know she will do so good with the money. Yeah, no feelings at all, just being grateful for the whole process.

While you were in the house, MTV Shuga announced you as one of the casts of the new season. Knowing that you are passionate about acting, how does that make you feel?
Honestly, e dey sweet me like sugar for my belle. I am proudly a Nigerian boy. I am someone who has been through different phases in life and while I was going through all of these things, I gained skills. While I was questioning my time, I got to understand that we actually have time and season. I think this is Kanaga season and going forward, things will just keep coming for me. I am not surprised that right now I’m winning because every single person around me who has won, I genuinely clap for them. It is my time for people to clap for me.

Having been paired with a South African housemate, what were some of those key things that you picked from your South African partner in the house?
For my partner Blue Aiva whose real name is Thabang Turner, she is someone I love so much. I could root for her like never before because she was there for me the moment I felt like the world saw me as a bad person (because I save and replace). I learned so much from South Africans, their food, and the slang. Before now, I actually loved South Africans by their music, Amapiano. You call me and I would dance any day. Pairing with Blue Aiva really helped me because I was given someone that matches my energy and I loved it.

Is there anything you would change in your journey in the house?
There is definitely nothing, Kanaga Jnr is Kanaga Jnr because of the way I move and if I didn’t move the certain way I did, I think I wouldn’t be here. I’m destined for greatness and whatever comes my way I pick it up. If I have to fall, I rise again and I keep going.

Dance, movie, fashion, and then reality TV stars; how do you intend to combine all of this?
I am an embodiment of creativity and greatness and I would keep searching for things I never felt like I would do. I keep discovering new talents about myself and I just keep going at it. For me there is definitely music; Kanaga Jnr is a creative director, a creative stylist, a fashion enthusiast, an actor, a dancer, a model, an influencer, name it all. I think for me, I’m just open to whatever comes my way as long as I have the power to do it; I will definitely get to work and take over the job.

What would you never forget about the house?
The first thing I will never forget is my injury. I was going through it, and only my partner knew, and another housemate, Tsatsii. Every time I had to play a game. The very first game, I sat down and I was willing to play that game but I felt like it was going to affect me a lot. I will definitely not forget the injury, the scar is still here, so anytime I look at it I am like, a Titan indeed. Secondly, my great competitive spirit especially every Friday during the arena games. I will never forget that. Lastly, the work and level of creativity I love to put in when we have our task. Those three things will forever stay with me.

[Image: Kanaga-Jnr-1424x802.jpg]
What do you have to say to your fans that kept you in the game?
To everyone who sincerely loved, still loves, and is rooting for me, I tell you that I’m very grateful. I will never let you down. I am destined for this, a lot will definitely come my way and I will embrace it and I will make every one of you proud.


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