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How To Show HTML Codes in Blogger Posts
As many visitors ask how to embed html text in a way that it is displayed as it is in the published post and also their visitors can copy the content, so here's a way to do that quite easily:
The main problem you are facing when you are trying to display a HTML code in your blog post is that, when you enter a HTML code into the post editor("HTML" or "Compose" mode) and publish/update your post, web browser does not display your code correctly.
The reason for this to occur is that if you try to type the HTML as it is, the web browser always trying to display to result generated from that HTML code.
What you can do is:
change the "<" symbol with &lt; , and also the symbol ">" with &gt; , but as to do all this manually is quite difficult, so you can use this website tool for simply converting the html code into embeddable text:
Now you can copy generated code from above tool into your blog post.
All resources on the forum clean. Sometimes Virus total give false positives. Also developers may insert backdoors, if you find it, contact me.


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