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How To Share/Transfer Data On MTN
How To Transfer Data On MTN 2022

The person that you want to share MTN data must have an active MTN sim card. Remember, that you can’t share MTN data to other network subscribers like Glo, Airtel or 9mobile. This implies that you can’t share or transfer MTN data to a number that’s is not active on MTN telecommunication network.

Learn How to share data on MTN successfully to with your friend and family.

NOTE: MTN data sharing and MTN data transfer is same thing. The process below is use to share MTN data and equally transfer MTN data.

  • Navigate to your phone Dial pressure *131*7# or simply dial *131# and select the 7th option.
  • Proceed and choose option 1 and click on send to continue.
  • Now, Enter the phone number you will like to share your data bundle with.
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on the MB size you’d like to share with the person.
  • Now, Click on send to complete the data bundle sharing.
  • You will be sent a message that you have shared or transferred data to your recipient. Then your transaction is successful.
  • The person can now browse and download using the shared data.

How To Share/Transfer MTN Data Using Short Code

You can share or transfer MTN data using the following short codes.

Transfer Data: You can now transfer from your existing Data Balance with your friends and family: Simply dial *131*Phone number* Data amount# or, text Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount and to 131

Buy Data for a Friend: You can buy a specific bundle for that special friend and you will be charged from your airtime. Simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#

Request Data from a Friend: Don’t get stranded or go without Data on your phone, you can now request for data from that Special friend. Simply dial *131*7*3#

View Pending Request: To check all your existing requests. Simply dial *131*7*4#

How To Check MTN Shared/Transferred Data Balance

You will be able to check your data bundle balance via the following channels:

SMS: Texting 2 to 131
USSD: dialing *131*4#
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